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A bespoke wellbeing strategy with top down buy-in and open-minded employees, all contributed to Shift8* eradicating presenteeism and reducing absenteeism due to mental and physical health issues. It also doubled this SME’s in-year sales from £1million to £2 million (and rising).

More importantly, their staff are happier and healthier thanks to their improved levels of wellbeing. Shift8*’s proactive integration of wellbeing practices into their company culture has enabled them to sustain these benefits.


Keeping your contract workforce healthy and engaged - - 18th September 2019 - By John Crowley

Our Director, Khalil Rener, was interviewed by about his views on how companies can help keep their contract workforce healthy and engaged. Read the article to hear what he had to say and for some helpful tips on where to start.


Is presenteeism causing your team to under perform? - Work Safe & Well - 8th August 2019 - By Ann Diment

Ann writes about the issue of presenteeism in the workplace, due to a lack of wellbeing. Ann highlights how Rener Wellbeing’s Shift8* case study shows the impact of improving staff wellbeing on reducing presenteeism, leading to a more productive workforce.


HOW PHYSICAL ACTIVITY IMPACTS OUR MENTAL HEALTH - Mad World Summit - 10th June 2019 - by Khalil Rener

The statement ‘Be more physically active’ often forms part of the discourse surrounding mental health, both in digital and print media.
At Rener Wellbeing, we believe this is very important, given the four prongs of our holistic approach to wellbeing: mental health, physical activity, sleep and nutrition. However, not everyone understands exactly how and why physical activity impacts our mental health.


GUEST POST: WHAT IS WELLBEING, ANYWAY? - The Oblique Life - 27th May 2019 - by Khalil Rener

Wellbeing is becoming more and more of a buzzword. It’s probably started showing up on your social media feeds increasingly often, and maybe even being spoken about at work. Have you ever wondered what exactly wellbeing is, and how it can benefit your personal and work life? Don’t think you have the time or motivation to implement it in your life? In this article, Khalil Rener, founder of Rener Wellbeing, will help outline what wellbeing is and provide a few tips to integrate it into your life.


Guest post: Integrate mental health into your life - The Oblique Life - 14th May 2019 - by Khalil Rener

Today marks the beginning of Mental Health Week 2019. Khalil Rener, founder of Rener Wellbeing, writes about the importance of mental health and shares some practical tips on how to integrate it into your everyday life.


HOW SLEEP IMPACTS OUR MENTAL HEALTH - Mad World Summit - 12th May 2019 - By Khalil Rener

‘When was the last time you woke up feeling rested during the work week?’ is the first question I ask when working with groups on improving their sleep. Was it this week? This month? This year?

Usually around a quarter of the room will have felt rested once or twice in the last month and the rest will not have… which is scarily low in my opinion, given the impact that a lack of sleep has on us.