1:1 Wellbeing Support

We have supports 100s of individuals, from executives at FTSE 100 organisations, through to professional rugby players, on how to integrate holistic wellbeing in their home and work lives. By understanding your barriers and enablers around aspects of wellbeing (Mental Health, Physical Activity, Sleep and Nutrition) we will build bespoke actions plans that are right for you.

All our 1:1 support sessions can be done in person or via video call

Our Five Stage Process To Support You To Integrate Wellbeing In Your Life

  1. Your Wellbeing is essential

Through a casual initial discussion, our expert wellbeing consultants will go over why wellbeing is such a hot topic at the moment, especially in the workplace. They will cover how you can become happier, healthier, as well as more productive, engaged, and satisfied at work by integrating mental health, physical activity, sleep and nutrition into your life. We tailor these initial discussions to your existing knowledge about wellbeing and how to integrate it in your life.

2. Feel the pulse on your current wellbeing

We'll feel the pulse of your wellbeing through a 1:1 discussion. By learning about your barriers and enablers to wellbeing (physical activity, sleep, nutrition and mental health), your home and work lives as well as your wellbeing aims, we will understand where you are on your wellbeing journey.

This stage can be a quick process lasting an hour, but may also require more than one session, if there is more to speak about. Especially as we go at a pace that is right for you.

3. Build a plan that is right for you

Using the insights we've discovered together, we'll create a bespoke wellbeing report and action plan for you. Our action points will be realistic and easy to integrate into your life, taking into account the ups and downs to ensure your plan can be implemented sustainably.


4. Implement your action plan with expert support

We'll support and encourage you as you start to implement the action points. Through regular follow-up sessions, we'll be able to tweak the plan if necessary to make sure it's perfectly adapted to your unique situation and as your work or home life obligations change over time.

5. Sustain your wellbeing

We will help you to get to the point where you're equipped with the tools you need to sustain a consistently high level of wellbeing in all aspects of your life. We are still here to support you at this phase, your sessions will just be less frequent. Even our wellbeing consultants need the help to keep working on their wellbeing.