Workplace Wellbeing Consutling

Not sure where to start with your workplace wellbeing initiatives? Does your current wellbeing strategy have low engagement rates? We develop bespoke wellbeing strategies that match your organisation's unique needs and culture - leading to sustainable employee wellbeing

We our proud of our recently published wellbeing strategy case study for the work we are doing with Shift8* . The case study highlights how we developed a bespoke, top-down, wellbeing strategy, leading to happier and healthier staff as well as reducing absence, turnover and presenteeism rates. Employee performance also significantly increased, leading to their in year sales doubling, leading to an ROI of 1:250.

Our Four Stage Wellbeing Consulting Process

  1. Highlighting why wellbeing is essential in the workplace

There are many benefits other than your employee’s happiness and health that can stem from having a robust wellbeing strategy. It is important that your employees understand why a wellbeing strategy is being developed in their workplace, that small steps towards improving wellbeing can lead to large benefits, and why there is buy-in from the top.


2. Wellbeing Needs analysis

We will evaluate where your organisation is on its wellbeing journey through staff interviews from different departments and seniority levels, observations, and surveys. The aim of the needs analysis is to fully understand which wellbeing interventions and policies are currently benefitting your staff, which may not be as relevant or effective as possible, and which aspects of wellbeing your staff need more support with. We can then develop our bespoke strategy on your organisation’s wellbeing needs.

3. Develop/improve your bespoke wellbeing strategy

Using the insights gained from the needs analysis, we will co-create/improve your bespoke wellbeing strategy together to meet your organisation’s wellbeing needs. The strategy may include a mixture of 1-1 wellbeing support programmes, group wellbeing action plans, company wellbeing policies, workshops, and more.

4. Implementing your wellbeing strategy

Once your strategy has been developed, we will either help you to implement it in house or our Rener Wellbeing expert consultants will implement it.

To implement it in house we will train your wellbeing champions on how to ensure the wellbeing strategy is being implemented effectively, as well as how to evaluate and iterate the strategy to ensure it stays relevant and effective.

Either way, the strategy will lead to your staff being happier and healthier as well as being more productive, satisfied and engaged at work. Our most recent case-study with Shift8* highlights the bespoke wellbeing strategy we developed helped their team become happier and healthier as well as doubled their in-year sales, eradicated presetneeism and reduced their absence rates. The strategy provided them with an ROI of 1:250!